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Tidal Commerce partners with Shogun, the leading Headless Commerce platfrom

by tidal| December 13, 2021| 2 min read


A Headless commerce conversation usually starts with, “Wait, what’s Headless?” Simply put, Headless technology enables the separation of the front and back end of an e-commerce application providing website developers with the flexibility to craft a highly customized and seamless customer experience on a digital screen or device.

Headless technology can quickly and easily transform any connected digital screen into a sales channel. Pages load noticeably faster than traditional technology platforms, resulting in better conversion and retention rates. For medium to large e-commerce businesses, the payback of implementing Headless is significant; the solution pays for itself in months.

Blazing site speeds and beautifully crafted designs mean remarkably improved browsing and a seamless shopping experience for shoppers.

“Shogun is one of the world’s leading Headless platforms, and a leader in eCommerce experience, powering storefronts for more than 20,000 brands globally. Our partnership with Shogun demonstrates our commitment to bring the bleeding edge technology solutions to our clients,” says Dennis Gorya, Partner, Head of Business Development and Partnerships.

“We are seeing unprecedented interest in headless commerce from brands and retailers who are looking to provide an exceptional shopping experience for their customers. We are thrilled to be working with innovative agencies like Tidal Commerce who are helping to deliver on this promise by building solutions for their clients with Shogun Frontend,” says Finbarr Taylor, Co-founder and CEO of Shogun.

“All things being equal, winning against competitors comes down to customer experience. Shogun Frontend provides e-commerce businesses with a competitive advantage over those on a traditional e-commerce stack because of significantly faster load times, and the ability to create memorable storefronts that customers love and return to. The ROI of implementing Headless can be considerable.” says Aziz Memon, Partner, Head of Strategy & Marketing at Tidal.

“We are already working with Shogun and Shopify Plus on two enterprise-level projects, both in Canada and in the United States. We expect the combined benefits of Shogun and Headless to be greater than the sum of its parts,” adds Vicky Bagwalla, Partner & Chief Technology Officer at Tidal.

“We at Desert Steel are working with Shogun and Tidal Commerce to implement a headless commerce solution to craft a memorable online experience for our customers.

Our products are handcrafted creative outdoor and indoor ornaments; they are works of art inspired by nature, so we cannot provide a cookie-cutter experience. Shogun’s Headless technology will enable our customers to see the beauty of our products with tastefully laid out interfaces that they can interact with at blazing speeds” says, Jason McClintock, General Manager, Desert Steel.

About Tidal Commerce:

Tidal Commerce Inc. is a multi-channel e-commerce engineering firm helping enterprise clients elevate customer experience, scale their e-commerce operations, and grow revenue. Tidal offers a full suite of services starting with customer experience research, data analytics, competitive intelligence, e-commerce strategy, e-commerce managed services, e-commerce migration services, and e-commerce consulting. Tidal commerce was founded in 2019 and is part of Umbrella Inc., a business outcomes company.

For further information: Aziz Memon. +1(416) 4576776. aziz@tidalcommerce.ca

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