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Drive your online revenue with SMS

Live webinar on Wednesday, April 6 2022 @ 1 PM (EST)

A marketer's job has become more challenging as consumer get harder to reach everyday. 

Digital advertising performance has declined by over 50% across Paid, Social and Display in the last few years.* 

Even email CTR has declined by over 75%.   

As a result, acquisition and retention have gotten much harder, and it will likely get even more difficult.

So, how do we reach consumer?

Learn how SMS can help.

 SmartInsights 2021; ** Epsilon Q3 2010 - Q3 2016, Mailchimp Mar 2018, Delvra 2019, Campaign Monitor 2020-21.







10:00 AM


Here's what you will learn from this webinar.

Understand the challenges of reaching shoppers in this increasingly cookie-less world.
Learn how SMS marketing can drive your online revenue and become one of your top three revenue channels.
How to get started with SMS marketing.


Dennis Gorya
Partner, Chief Commercial Officer
Tidal Commerce

Dennis is a founding partner at Tidal Commerce, a digital commerce consulting and engineering agency helping enterprise-level businesses build, manage and grow their e-commerce channel. 

Dennis helps Tidal clients strengthen competitive advantage by leveraging emerging technologies like Headless, Blockchain and AI-based personalization and Marketing automation.

Spencer Malm
Sr. Partner Manager, Ecosystem

Spencer helps agency and technology partners and their retail and e-commerce clients scale successful digital programs. 

As a Senior Partner Manager at Attentive, Spencer works closely with ecosystem and agency partners to scale their SMS programs and drive even more revenue for their brands.

Alessandro Pacitti
Sr. Merchant Success Manager

Alessandro is a passionate Ecommerce Consultant focused on connecting enterprise businesses with the right technology, strategies and best practices to create engaging brand experiences. 

Alessandro works with merchants and ecosystem partners to solve tricky problems, and help them scale and grow revenues.

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