Engineering for commerce
Delight customers.
Drive more value from your e-commerce technology.
Outsource your e-commerce technology management.
Keep control and reduce overheads/costs.
Improve your e-commerce performance.
Delight customers and increase revenues.
Enhance your e-commerce technology operations.
Quickly add to the capacity of your in-house team.

If improving and maintaining your e-commerce operations is distracting you from growing your business, Tidal can help.

Let Tidal take responsibility for maintaining and anticipating the needs of a range of processes and functions to improve and maintain your e-commerce operations and reduce costs. It is an alternative to the insourcing and on-demand outsourcing model.

Free your team to focus on growth without increasing headcount.

If your current e-commerce platform is preventing you from scaling up, Tidal’s Shopify team/experts can help you scale!

We can help you migrate your e-commerce operations to Shopify Plus, identify, integrate, and configure third-party applications to enhance functionality, and improve performance and customer experience.

Tidal’s Shopify certified e-commerce strategy, design and development team can complete the migration efficiently, on time and within budget.

Impress your visitors and start selling more.

Most companies find it unfeasible to hire in-house experts for every element of their e-commerce technology operations or large one-time tasks. Tidal can provide on-demand expertise for a range of services to assist in-house teams as and when the need arises.

Tidal’s Professional Services range from UX & UI Design, Front-end and back-end development, Headless commerce integrations, 3rd party integrations, custom app development, project management, strategy and oversight.

Keep your customers happy and your e-commerce team focused on mission-critical tasks of growing your business.

Scale your e-commerce revenues.
Not your costs.

We strive to be the most trusted e-commerce partner to our clients. To that end, we partner and collaborate with a network of exceptional solution providers in the Shopify ecosystem. Every business has unique needs, so we identify, evaluate and select the best fit solution.

Let us help you pick e-commerce solutions that will not only work for your business today but will scale with you as you grow.

Tidal is part of the Umbrella Incorporated, a strategic collective of companies specializing in providing research, analytics, strategy, e-commerce channel development, networking, software engineering, and IT infrastructure development. 

Umbrella Inc., enables Tidal to take a holistic view of your business to digitally transforming your business for more customers, productivity and profits.

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