How to Determine if Your Brand is Ready for Headless Commerce.

E-commerce is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.9% and is projected to reach $3.5 trillion by 2025; that’s a lot of zeros! Brands and retailers are looking for ways to keep up, but commercial e-commerce technology for mid-market to enterprise-level businesses has not seen significant changes since the late 1990s. Online shoppers have […]

Post-COVID Shopping Behaviours Report

Online shopping continues to grow during the pandemic, but what will happen to online stores once social distancing and quarantine orders are lifted? Many of the industries booming during the pandemic seem to be directly related to fulfilling pandemic-related needs. eCommerce businesses centred around medicine, groceries, household supplies, and personal care products grew 30% to […]

Planning Your Order Fulfilment Strategy

Price, shipping charges, speed of delivery and ease of returns are the key factors that influence a sale online.  To succeed, you need a fulfilment strategy that helps you optimize for these factors and plan for the infrastructure, systems, processes, and team before you build or scale your fulfillment operations.   Overall there are three truths […]

Adopting A Returns Strategy

A fair and comprehensive return policy not only influences where online customers choose to shop but also how much they buy.   60% of customers review the return policy before buying from a merchant online  54% are more likely to shop online from a merchant offering free returns or exchanges.   62% would buy again from the […]

Developing Your Pricing Strategy

Pricing is by far the most important lever impacting the profitability of your business. Price customers pay varies based on their demographics and psychographics, purchase timing, and channel used to buy. There are several strategies for how e-commerce businesses should price their products, all of which are based on two types of reasoning,  cost and value metrics, and the other is psychological metrics.  How to price your product   […]


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