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E-commerce is complex!

Inflation, supply shortages, higher interest rates and a looming recession are a perfect storm for retailers.

Competition is stifling, customer acquisition is expensive, retention is challenging, and the e-commerce technology landscape is constantly evolving.

There are many strategic, technical, operational and marketing problems to solve daily to keep your e-commerce infrastructure humming and converting profitably.

You or your team will often have the answers, but sometimes you may need expert advice or an unbiased second opinion.

But expert and unbiased advice are difficult to find, especially free.

Ask Us Anything About E-commerce

Ask Us Anything is a free-60-minute-no-strings-attached consultation with our e-commerce strategy and technical experts.

Ask us Anything technical about e-commerce platforms, applications, automation and integration. Or Anything strategic, like how to improve customer experience, conversion, order value, LTV, retention, loyalty, and customer service? Or how to reduce cart abandonment and returns, or ask us about internationalization, web3 and even NFTs

The 60-minute, no-strings-attached, free consultation is exclusive to our webinar subscribers or those that have downloaded our playbook.

So please don’t be shy; book your free session using the calendar below.

Our E-commerce Experts

Dennis Gorya
Partner, Chief Commercial Officer
Tidal Commerce

Dennis is a founding partner at Tidal Commerce, a digital commerce consulting and engineering agency helping enterprise-level businesses build, manage and grow their e-commerce channel.

Dennis helps Tidal clients strengthen competitive advantage by leveraging emerging technologies like Headless, Blockchain and AI-based personalization and Marketing automation.

Aziz Memon
Partner, Strategy & Marketing
Tidal Commerce

Aziz is a marketing professional and a certified management consultant. He has worked across the world helping B2B&C marketers understand their customers, build brands, generate leads, build loyalty, improve customer experience and achieve topline targets across diverse sectors.

Aziz helps e-commerce clients refine their e-commerce strategy, enhance customer experience and improve ROI.

Driving Growth from the Contact Center: How to Turn Customer Service into a Loyalty Engine.


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