Migrating To Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus

What could you achieve if your platform supported you?

Replatforming might seem overwhelming, but when you know it’s necessary, we’re here to help. Our team is prepared to grasp your specific objectives and hurdles, providing the clear guidance you need to ensure your next move is definitive.


Shopify Plus

Switch to Shopify Plus for non-stop innovation, faster launch times, lower TCO, and higher conversion rates.

+18% AOV

Migrated from Magento and increased average order value by 18% and international sales by 50%.

+40% conversion rate

Migrated from Salesforce and lifted their conversion rates by 40% and reduced platform costs by 64%.

+32% new users

Migrated from a custom-build, had their biggest sales day of the year (£190,000!) and increased new users by 32%.

What to know before you grow

From total cost of ownership to real-life success stories, get up to speed on Shopify Plus right here. Then book your consultation with our team to talk through your unique objectives, obstacles, and launch timeline.

Move forward with confidence

Gather the right stakeholders. Ask the right questions. Pick the perfect platform. And get to market in record time. Everything is covered in this guide.

Download The Commerce Platform Evaluation Guide


10 reasons growth-minded brands move to Shopify Plus

Choose Shopify Plus for an ecommerce platform that offers scalability, customization, security, and more, all while reducing your total cost of ownership and expanding into new markets with ease.

Proven checkout  performance

Convert more sales. Shopify Plus converts 15% more on average than the competition. Accelerated payment methods like Shop Pay will power up your conversion by up to 50%.

Unmatched scalability and    speed

A Google study says 0.1 second gained means + 8.4% additional conversion for Retail. Never replatform again-with unlimited bandwidth, maximum speed, and an elastic infrastructure Shopify Plus will scale as you grow.

Wide Customization capabilities

Bring your brand and goals to life-go headless, customize your theme and checkout, connect your APIs, plus 8,000 apps, automate your sales and processes and more.

Highest security standards

Secure your business and payment data. Shopify Plus is compliant in all six PCI standard categories and offers the highest level of data encryption, fraud analysis, chargeback recovery, auto-reconciliation, automated backups, bot and DDoS protection.

Faster time to market

Deploy fast and seamlessly with expert support, out-of-the-box functionality, and simple customizations, so you can focus on building your business rather than managing integrations and installs.

Native omnichannel

Reach more customers with multiple sales channels, social selling, and B2B revenue streams and sell the way they want to shop when you add Shopify POS to physical stores and offer perks like in-store pickup.

Reduced total cost of ownership

The cost of ownership is clear and predictable. The powerful user-friendly platform removes the need to rely on freelancers or agencies. You can maintain, integrate, and add functionality quickly.

Global growth secured

Expand into new markets with sales channels available in over 20 languages, integrated local currency, and complete localized customizations.

Simple user interface

Make your team happier. Create an immersive brand experience easily with intuitive drag-and-drop design tools. No coding or spendy dev teams needed. Automate marketing campaigns and processes in a few clicks using Shopify Script, Flow, and Launchpad.

Always-on innovation

We are constantly innovating and adding third party integrations Shopify Plus Certified Apps, so you rapidly expand the capabilities of your platform. In fact, Shopify was named the 3rd most innovative company in the world in 2021 by Fast Company.

Choose the right platform. Migrate smoothly. Never look back.

Use these resources to make this next move your last move.

Ready to break boundaries and sales records with Shopify Plus?

If you’d like to learn more about Shopify Plus, email us at hello@tidalcommerce.ca.


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