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Grow Revenue Efficiently with Mobile Commerce.

Looking to elevate your e-commerce game?

Discover the power of mobile commerce and unlock a world of possibilities. Engage your returning customers with exclusive offers, personalized push notifications, and seamless experiences that drive loyalty.

Here’s what a branded mobile app can do:

  • Instantaneous load time.
  • Smooth checkout processes.
  • ~ 40% spike in conversion rates.
  • ~ 20% rise in average order value.
  • ~ 4x increase in returning customers.
Join our upcoming webinar to explore the keys to 2023’s e-commerce success, tactics for profitable growth, and insights on who thrives in mobile commerce. Hear from industry experts Dennis Gorya from Tidal Commerce and Ash Mousavian, Sr. Partnership Manager at Tapcart.

Register now to secure your spot and learn how a mobile app can revolutionize your business. Explore case studies from Tapcart featuring brands like Kaged, True Classic, BEIS, Princess Polly, and Glamnetic.

The ROI Webinar
Thursday, August 31
@ 2 PM (EST)

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Dennis Gorya
CEO, Founder
Tidal Commerce

Dennis is the founder, CEO, and partner at Tidal Commerce, an outcome-focused eCommerce consulting and engineering firm.

Dennis helps merchants build and manage their digital store infrastructure, optimize customer experience, and convert traffic to sales more efficiently.

Ash Mousavian
Sr. Partnership Manager

Ash started his career in eCommerce, a full-service Toronto Agency and later moved to Shopify as a Sr. MSM, helping Shopify Plus merchants with tools, strategies, and tactics to accelerate their success.

Ash manages over 200 agency relationships across North America and the EU at Tipcart. 

Here's what you will learn from this ROI webinar.