Carrier’s OneCommerce Accelerator

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What is OneCommerce?

Carrier has developed a ground-breaking, global b2b commerce product called OneCommerce. Built using Shopify Components, OneCommerce is Carrier’s global eCommerce accelerator that allows for the rapid development of a fully mature eCommerce experience in ~30 days. 

This composable solution is leveraged for web-based catalogue buying experiences across equipment, parts, and light equipment divisions. Additionally, our OneCommerce solution also includes an integrated mobile app commerce experience. 

Carrier’s most sophisticated Frictionless Commerce capabilities that support dealers, national accounts, distributors, and end users are supported by Shopify and our OneCommerce accelerator. This composable framework supports a multi-currency, multi-language, Multi-fulfillment buying journey. It’s agnostic of ERP or third-party applications through its Boomi integration framework.


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Benefit of OneCommerce

Historically, it cost ~$1.2M at Carrier to build a net-new, fully mature eCommerce experience on Commerce Cloud with a ~9-month delivery timeline. 

With OneCommerce, we can now deliver that same net-new, fully mature eCommerce solution for $100K ($75K commerce platform, $25K integration) with a 30-day delivery timeline. This enables Carrier to fully monetize any new business idea with a Frictionless B2B or B2C Commerce experience in a month.

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Do B2B Differently

Carrier has aligned with Shopify from an innovation lens to develop cutting edge technology that no one else is doing in the B2B industrial space.

Many groups have developed a simplistic template approach that slaps on new colours, logos, copy, branding, etc., but nobody has templatized a central eCommerce accelerator leveraging Shopify components to rapidly Commerce capabilities within ordering portals, public websites, mobile applications or other B2B customer touch points., For instance, a viable use-case is Carrier’s ability to deploy a Commerce experience within an app that’s connected to a site that installers can use to reduce incorrect diagnostics as well as reducing the time it takes to get the correct parts (will involve AI, imagery, scanning, etc.).

Innovation not just for the sake of innovation but innovating to have a measurable impact on business processes.

Carrier’s partnership with Shopify is driven by the idea that Shopify can help “future-proof” their business through Shopify’s core platform investment(s). Carrier’s commitment to Shopify means it won’t have to keep re-platforming every 3-5 years, but rather Shopify will keep improving and scaling so that Carrier will be incentivized never to have to switch again.




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