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Turn Post-Purchase Cost Centers Into Revenue Channels

The post-purchase experience is often an afterthought for many D2C brands and is generally considered a cost center. Between fulfillment, shipping, returns, and shipping-related support tickets, it’s understandable that brands feel this way. However, what if you could turn this cost center into a revenue channel that delights your customers instead of frustrating them? What if you could turn returns into exchanges and order tracking into a cross-sell and up-sell driver? This webinar will focus on showing you how to do just that.

15% of the average Shopify merchant’s web traffic hits the order tracking page. So if you send customers to UPS or FedEx for tracking, you’re giving away 15% of your overall traffic. We’ll show you how to recapture those lost customers and turn the tracking experience into a revenue-driving channel.

What happens when your customer buys the wrong item or is dissatisfied with their purchase? We’ll walk through how to turn returns into retained revenue through proven tactics that incentivize exchanges and build brand loyalty.

The ROI Webinar
Wednesday, April 26
@ 2 PM (EST)

Here's what you will learn from this ROI webinar.


Dennis Gorya
Partner and CCO
Tidal Commerce

Noah Rahimzadeh
Head of Partnerships

Vaishali Ravi
Product Marketing Manager

Dennis is a founding partner at Tidal Commerce is an outcome-focused eCommerce consulting and engineering firm.

Dennis helps merchants build and manage their digital store infrastructure, optimize customer experience, and convert traffic to sales more efficiently.

Noah Rahimzadeh is Head of Partnerships at Malomo, the leading order tracking platform for Shopify and Shopify Plus brands.

He collaborates with other leading vendors and agencies in the Shopify ecosystem to help brands create delightful post-purchase experiences.

Vaishali is a Product Marketing Manager at Loop, the exchange-first returns platform for scaling Shopify brands. Collaborating closely with Partnerships and Product Management, she focuses on launching tech integrations and driving product adoption.

When she’s not working, you can find Vaishali in the park with her dog, Pelican.


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