Uptime Support

Stop losing customers becaue your store is broken.

Be always on.

Undetected store issues will cost you ~ $72,000/year.

Store issues go undetected for hours or days. Most merchants make changes to their online store blindly – so you won’t know if the change you just made broke something on your online store.

By the time you discover the issue, you’ve:

  • Lost sales
  • Ads spend.
  • Customer trust
  • Storeowner anxiety

Detect issues when they happen.

With Uptime you’ll detect issues before your customers do, making you more money, improving customer trust, and protecting your ad spend.

When needed Tidal can jump in to provide advanced customer service to help you deal with your situation swiftly and professionally

Holistic monitoring of your entire ecommerce stack

Uptime and Tidal monitor your ecommerce stack, so you never lose a customer that you don’t need to:

  1. Continuous monitoring: Your store is tested every time you make a change to your store, so you know if something breaks before your customers do.
  2. Store wide peace of mind: Monitor your entire ecommerce stack, from add to cart and checkout buttons, to the status of the third-party apps and the platform you rely on to power your business.
  3. Take-action: Resolve issues in seconds instead of hours – with downtime actions, automations can be deployed to revert a theme change or delay an email campaign all meanwhile Tidal’s Shopify Plus engineering team is able to resolve the core of your issue.

Uptime + Support Plans

GOLD $1000/month

  • 24/7 Uptime monitoring
  • 4 Shopify Engineering Support hours
  • 12 QA test flows which run every 6 hours and any theme update.

PLATINUM $2500/month

  • 24/7 Uptime monitoring
  • 10 Shopify Engineering Support hours
  • 30 QA test flows which run every 6 hours and any theme update.

Our E-commerce Experts

Driving Growth from the Contact Center: How to Turn Customer Service into a Loyalty Engine.


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