About Tidal

An outcome-focused eCommerce engineering firm and elite Shopify Plus partner.

A rising tide lifts all boats.

Tidal Commerce was conceived during the pandemic with the purpose of helping small, vulnerable retailers with their backs to the wall survive the restrictions by shifting their primary focus to digital channels.

While this was not a “get rich” strategy for Tidal, it helped elevate our reputation and attract exceptional talent and a large portfolio of successful and notable clients. Call it good karma.

In less than two years, Tidal became an elite Shopify Plus partner and one of the few experts in Headless/Composable Commerce. We don’t just build; we also consult and manage our client’s digital commerce infrastructure so they can focus on growing their business.

We now help our clients thrive.

Beliefs and Values.

Not all problems are equal.

We will diligently seek the right problems to solve for the best outcomes.

The best-laid plans can go off track.

We will have a plan B and the agility to pivot.

The effort is important, but only the results matter. Not all problems are equal.

We will always have the outcome in mind.

What we do is not unique; how we do it can be.

We will strive for service excellence.

Trust is difficult to earn and easy to lose.

We will strive to be trusted advisors.

We all share the same planet and society.

We will do the right thing for humanity.

Eat. Play. Work.

The family that eats together stays together. Peter Drucker famously said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

Each morning at work, we prepare breakfast together. Before breakfast is through, we are caught up and done with our day’s plans.

So, while our collective weight is rising (some of us are really good cooks), our sense of family and camaraderie is too.

We also play together. Some of us are Badminton, Basketball, Chess, League of Legends and Fortnite (Office) Champions.

Tidal’s ‘eat-play-work’ culture has become a magnet for attracting and retaining peak talent.

We have a reverse problem; despite the growing popularity of work-from-home culture, our team prefers to work from the office.

Our clients enjoy working with a happy, enthusiastic, collaborative, diverse and talented team.

People behind the Tide.

Dennis Gorya

Founder, Partner & CEO

David Frankland

Partner, Chief Operating Officer

Vicky Bagwalla

Partner, Chief Technology Officer

Aziz Memon

Partner, Brand & Customer Experience

Melanie De Be

Project Manager

Sam Ronin

Business Development

Kaiteng Lo

Lead Full Stack Developer

Ally Datoo

Senior Technical Consultant

Martin Wang

Operations Advisor

Jony Leung

Full Stack Developer

Tommy Sin


Rohit Gupta

Full Stack Developer

Wahbeez Wankadia

Project Manager

Asher Jamil

Account Manager

John Sim

Account Manager

Jibran Hussein

Account Manager

Arjun Puri

Full Stack Developer

Tidal is part of the Umbrella Incorporated, a strategic collective of companies specializing in providing research, analytics, strategy, e-commerce channel development, networking, software engineering, and IT infrastructure development.

Umbrella Inc., enables Tidal to take a holistic view of your business to digitally transforming your business for more customers, productivity and profits.

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