Unlocking the next level of store growth with Headless Commerce

Stand out from the competition with a Headless Frontend.

While the pandemic acted as a catalyst to e-commerce sales beginning in 2020—providing strong tailwinds—you’re not alone if your brand is feeling a ‘levelling out’ of that initial demand.

The national retail federation continues to forecast solid growth in retail and digital this year, but it’s almost impossible to dominate as a DTC brand using performance marketing alone anymore. Luckily, you can shift your playbook now (and how you invest in your owned e-commerce web channel) to ensure you scale despite any re-levelling of the landscape.

Over 98% of today’s online stores are built on legacy e-commerce technology, leaving significant room for improvement.

In this webinar, we explore the most common challenges modern merchants face and how ‘going headless’ is helping forward-thinking brands scale. From richer visual design to sub-second site speed – we’ll explore the ROI you can realize by trading your traditional presentation layer, for a headless, flexible frontend.

Here’s what you will learn from this ROI webinar recording.

  • What Headless Commerce is, and the two main ways brands are implementing it
  • The top factors limiting growth with traditional e-commerce platforms
  • How brands see ROI from Headless Frontends
  • Which brands are adopting Headless
  • Whether your business is a good candidate for Headless Commerce

Stand out from the competition with a Headless Frontend.

  • Recorded on: Wednesday, May 19, 2022, @ 1 pm EST.
  • Duration 60 Minutes

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